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What is included with Quest Painting and Wallcovering services?

With all of our surfacing solutions, you will receive help choosing the right products and techniques for your environment from on our experienced surfacing consultants. Our certified, bonded and ensured tradesmen will perform all necessary preparation work, including prepping surfaces to be treated and covering or protecting any adjacent surfaces.

When the service is completed, our tradesmen will do a thorough clean up. We will inspect and clean all surrounding surfaces and properly dispose of any waste, chemicals or other materials. Every service includes a final inspection by the customer to ensure complete satisfaction.


What are Architectural Films?

Architectural Films are micro thin overlays that mimic natural materials, including

  • Wood
  • Stone
  • Metal
  • Leather

They are made of poly-substrate that is micro-embossed on the outer surface to create the desired texture. The film is backed with a permanent, pressure-sensitive adhesive. They go on easy and last for decades.


Why Should I Use Architectural Films? 

Transform your surfaces and the way you think about surface coverings. If you can imagine it, Architectural Films will help you achieve it. This next-generation surfacing opens up entirely new design possibilities for your construction and renovation projects. Transform any surface. Create stunning aesthetic results. Architectural Films give you an unmatched combination of affordability, durability and flexibility:

  • Over 1,500 stunning patterns – wood, stone, metallic, leather, decorative and more.
  • Unprecedented flexibility to achieve your design vision within your budget.
  • An astounding aesthetic alternative to costly natural materials.
  • A creative alternative to traditional paint, veneer and wallpaper surfaces.
  • Sustainable alternatives for renovations that help reduce waste.
  • Goes places and does things other materials simply can’t.
  • An ideal solution for wall systems, doors, columns and ceilings.
  • Greatly shortens construction time.